Hello, welcome to foreverfbo! I’m a business owner doing an awesome and ‘genuine’ home-based business with great freedom that changed my life forever!

Before you start reading further, please keep in mind this is not a paid coaching website showcasing a fraud get-rick-quick scheme with pictures of penthouse apartments, luxurious villas, red ferraries and yellow lambos!

Due to adverse economic conditions and insecure jobs, many people these days are desperately searching for a genuine and home-based business opportunity with zero investment or low investment. I was one of them frequently looking for an home-based business idea with very low investment. There are plenty of work-from-home job opportunities or home-based business ideas but none of them worked for me. Most of them wasted my time and some of them wasted my money!

In 2018, I came across a news online where an Irish lady living in Dubai makes decent amount of money which is much better than working under someone for 25+ years! She started an amazing home-based business by becoming a distributor of natural health and wellness products. She built a team of like-minded people and they became very successful.

This business opportunity is for you if you are one or more of the following:

  • You are sick and tired of your current job or business.
  • Your current job or business doesn’t pay you well.
  • You are unable to save money or create wealth.
  • You are unable to pay off your debts or credit cards or loans.
  • You want to start a home-based business.
  • You want to try a new job or business without losing the current one.
  • You want to try a business for free or with very low investment and risk.
  • You want to try a business without opening a shop/office or without keeping any stock or inventory.
  • You want start a healthy, life-long business with continuous income.
  • You want to sell something that is not harmful to use or consume.
  • You want to sell something which is easy to sell.
  • You love to have enough time and freedom in doing your job or business.
  • You want to be your own boss.
  • You want to have a debt-free life and financial freedom.
  • You and your family wants to live a lifestyle according to your dreams.
  • You like working from home.

This business plan is similar to traditional network marketing and or direct selling concept but sounded unique and genuine unlike most of the fraud direct selling and network marketing companies with products or services which you will never sell!

When someone comes to me with an home-based business idea or a direct selling business or a network marketing opportunity, I normally ignore them completely because I always had a negative impression in my mind about this confusing concept because of fraud companies with fraud business plans and fraud products. If I get convinced to some extent, I do a good research online around the web and on social media about these companies and their products but ended up rejecting them all the times. But when I searched about this home-based business done by the Irish lady mentioned above, I was surprised to see the presence of this never-heard-of company in more than 150 countries and real stories of genuine people who are super successful. It is a global business opportunity covering more than 80% countries around the world. I thought I was too late to know about this business plan but I was wrong. This business has numerous opportunities for every new aspirant and this business plan has endless income potential.

The best part of this opportunity is that you can start this business as part-time without leaving your current job or current business. You can even try for free. If you fail, then leave it and go back to your usual things! You become successful, carry on, discover this life-changing forever business opportunity, enjoy the financial freedom and become your own boss. I’m sure you won’t fail because this company, apart from training, developing and recognizing each an every team members around the world for their contribution and performance, compensate us in multiple ways which is not offered by any similar companies in this world. Team work and personal development is their essence. You will be more interested if you know about their incentives such as personal bonus, team or group bonus, chairman’s bonus, car allowance, international travels packages and more! It might look like that traditional fraud network marketing company at the beginning but trust me it is not!

I have posted more about this company, their business model, the products and also the team-building techniques here in this website in my easy to understand simple language. Continue reading!

The Business Plan